Our project endeavors to aggregate census data with data concerning Bostonian incarceration. In particular, we will be looking at demographics of the prison population, including ethnicity, household income, age, education, and single parent households, alongside data about percentages of the population in prison and the financial cost to the community. The intended result is to create a map that will show policy makers the different trends of incarceration rates around Boston. The hope is to highlight how resources are allocated ineffectively in neighborhoods around Boston by creating a visual display of incarceration rates. Too often, many resources are spent on incarcerating citizens that could be more effectively spent improving the neighborhoods and simultaneously work to reduce incarceration rates.

We hope that our Bostonian contribution will improve the Justice Atlas Center’s “mobile, immutable, accessible, and illuminating” map. We aim to make sure it is consistent and factual, so that it can be of use for the Justice Atlas Center and other established non-profits.  By examining the cost to the community, it may be clear that money instead should be allocated to rehabilitation and preventative programs. With this information, we hope to inform the public about Bostonian incarceration and reentry.



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