The Team

We are Northeastern University students that are interested in studying the impact of incarceration policy on communities. Our project is truly a community-wide effort: we are sponsored by the Northeastern’s University Scholars Program and Civic Engagement Program, and supported by Dr. Jonna Iacono, Professor Natasha Frost, and the Justice Atlas Center.



Cayman Kai Macdonald

Cayman is a first year student studying International Affairs. She also works a
s a Student Fundraiser at the Northeastern Telefund. She loves learning and studying languages and also spends much of her time reading, writing, traveling, and taking long strolls.

uspKara Morgan

Kara is an undeclared first year student. She also works as a Student Fundraiser at the Northeastern Telefund and as a Research Assistant at  Northeastern University’s Lazer Lab. She enjoys studying the role of history within public memory and literature, and spends her free time reading and volunteering.

Matthew Connolly

Matthew is a freshman International Business major with a minor in Chinese Language and Culture at Northeastern University. He is interested in e-commerce and runs four internet based companies that include a general merchandise website, a curated clothing service, a sunglasses manufacturing company and a consumer export service. He also enjoys playing soccer and running.

Nathaniel DempkowskiNathaniel Dempkowski

Nathaniel is a first year Electrical and Computer Engineering student. He has strong interests in electronics, programming, and entrepreneurship and works at the ALERT Center of Excellence and Northeastern’s ResNet Resource Center. He enjoys snowboarding, running, and reading in his free time.

Rose Leopold

Rose is a freshman Political Science major with a minor in History at Northeastern University. She is interested in state and local politics and how to encourage more women to participate in the electoral process. She enjoys reading, musical theatre and rowing.

Wendy ChuWendy

Wendy is a first year political science and economics dual major at Northeastern University. She is interested in studying the effects of public policy on society, and cares deeply about civic engagement.  Wendy enjoys writing and listening to classical music.


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